Saturday, May 17, 2008

Media Whores

I am really bothered by the spate of media whores in our midst. You know, the Brittney's and Lindsey's and Paris's.

Why are the women most often highlighted in the media bat-shit crazy slut bitches? This is the image we are putting forth of women today. They are notorious for their vapid, inappropriate behavior. What's worse, it's not even just that they are caught with panties down and drunken nonsense spewing forth. They have formed a symbiotic relationship with the media, displaying the horribly undignified behavior that the gossip mongers earn their keep on. It's as if these women are some sort of anti-vampires that only exist when in the spotlight.

I'm not talking about the sort of bad-girl behavior of someone like Courtney Love. Her badness stems from the fact that she just doesn't give a fuck.

I would love to find out what these women really think about. Do they have any sense of self? Do they care that young women see them as role models, and think that this behavior is something that girls should look to as an example of how to gain attention, thus saying to hell with respect? Do they really feel that they have more worth through paparazzi crotch-shots, drunken debacles, and the denigration of whatever talent they might have? Of course, some of them are only famous for being famous. I feel as if we are living in a surrealistic Andy Warhol nightmare.

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