Sunday, May 11, 2008

Cute Only Works When You're Smart

I don't even know where to start. There is a girl who works with me, (actually, works for me) who has perfected the art of "helpless, dumb, and cute." I think there is a real danger in playing that card, because eventually you really do become dumb and helpless....and that's about where she is now.

The thing that she doesn't seem to realize is that the cute thing only flies with meatheads. Her Minnie Mouse inflection when I'm trying to give her direction really doesn't hold any charm for me, nor does her giggle when I need to rectify mistakes with her. The sad thing is, she doesn't realize how much respect her little game is losing her. She is on the brink of losing her job here due to her lack of professional focus.

What is even more disturbing is that she is pregnant. She is having a girl and plans on raising the child herself. I shudder to think of another girl being raised to thing that a giggle and hair toss is all she needs to succeed in this world.

Cute can be, well, cute. But it only works if you have the brains in back of it. Pretending to be dumb and helpless is funny when I do it, because there's an irony to it. I really am very intelligent and capable.

There are some things I do need help with, like reaching tall places and opening pickle jars. But it's not because I'm female. It's because I'm little. There is nothing I can't do because I am a woman. Well...nothing except pee my name in the snow.

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